Auto Accident: 10 Things To Do

How To Handle An Auto Collision

Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, specializes in auto body repair, which often occurs after an accident. While collisions are scary, there are at least ten things you can do following a crash to keep yourself and others safe.

Assess the Situation

Immediately following an accident, you will probably be experiencing some anxiety. Try some deep breathing exercises to calm down. You need to relax so that you can adequately assess the situation. Are you injured? What about your passengers? Do the injuries look severe?

Call Emergency Services

While your brain will probably automatically go to dial 911, stop and consider the situation. Is anyone in grave danger? If there are no serious or critical injuries, then you are probably okay to call a non-emergency line.

Keep Safe

It is crucial that you stay safe. Therefore, get to the side of the road if you can. Also, to protect other drivers put out flares or other warning signs that the accident is ahead. If cars are in running condition, then you can move them to the side of the road.

Document the Scene

Before you move anything, be sure to take plenty of pictures. These photos will be useful for any future claims you may make.

Answer Police Questions

You will need to talk to the police on the scene. However, you do not have to fill in the blanks. Don’t make up answers. If you don’t know something, then say that.

Exchange Information

Collecting contact information is standard protocol after an accident, especially in fault states. Therefore, make sure you get insurance and contact details before leaving.

Get Checked Out and Talk to Your Insurer

Next, consult with your insurer and go to the doctor. Your insurer will be able to explain your coverage and help you begin the claims process.

Take Your Car to a Mechanic

Your car, like you, may not seem that beat up. However, collisions can cause many issues, including misalignment and damage to smaller, more sensitive components. Therefore, take your vehicle to a mechanic sooner rather than later.

If you have been in an accident, then contact Turnpike Motors Auto Body and request a tow or schedule a vehicle inspection. Don’t risk driving around in a vehicle that may be damaged.

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