Alfa Romeo Collision Repair

Being the largest repairer of first responder vehicles for over 50 years we were thrilled to team up with an auto manufacturer that gives discounts to all first responders on their entire line up of vehicles, We are very proud to be the very First Alfa Romeo Certified Collision Center in the state of Connecticut.

We are Certified by Alfa Romeo as being technically capable of repairing vehicles manufactured with aluminum, high-strength steels and other metal or allows. As a Certified Alfa Romeo repair provider we have met Alfa Romeo’s specifications and requirements, and possess the tools, equipment, training, and modified facility to repair and refinish all of Alfa Romeo vehicles. Alfa Romeo certification requirements are critical to preserving the fit, finish, durability, value and safety of Alfa Romeo’s vehicles.

By meeting and maintaining these requirements, we are recognized as a Alfa Romeo Certified Collision Center. This Certification is provided by FCA Group to assist consumers in identifying certified collision repair providers that meet Alfa Romeo’s requirements to properly and safely repair the past, current and next generation of vehicles using Alfa Romeo’s materials and technology.