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What's Included In My Repair?

Learn More About Our Services Included in Your Collision Repair at Turnpike Motors Auto Body

Paintless Dent Repair

There is a simple and easy technique to remove minor dents from a vehicle’s body. It’s called paintless dent repair and its offered as part of your auto body and collision repairs at Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut. Whether your car caught a foul ball at a softball game or stopped a runaway shopping cart in the parking lot, we can remove the evidence so you don’t drive around with a permanent reminder of the incident. Paintless dent repair doesn’t require paint touch-ups, which makes it a quick and affordable solution for removing dings or dents. But not all damages can be fixed with this unique technique. Anything with existing paint damage will need further action for proper restoration. To find out if your vehicle qualifies for paintless dent repair, contact us to speak with a technician! We can’t wait to get started!

Frame Alignment

Approved Collision Repair Center

When it comes to frame alignment, having expert technicians couldn’t be more important. Our ASE and I-CAR Certified technicians pay close attention to the details to ensure that a vehicle’s frame is perfectly measured and aligned according to factory specifications. If anything is off, the car may not run or look as it should! That will create major problems and costly repairs down the road. That’s why we rely on the latest collision repair technology and machinery in addition to our experience to provide precise results. We want to fix the problem now and save your vehicle from any further damages. Our team is here to create high-quality solutions and vehicles with expert frame repairs.

Certified Commercial Specialists

All kinds of vehicles are susceptible to frame damages. Cars, SUVs, fire trucks, tow trucks, vans, tractor trailers, and more may need frame alignments at some point in their lifespan. But not all auto shops provide solutions for large trucks or commercial vehicles. Turnpike Motors Auto Body is different. Our shop is the only one in Connecticut certified to work on commercial frames and provide high-quality collision repairs. If you need OEM Certified service for your vehicle, call our experts. We proudly service emergency and commercial vehicles from all over New England! We don’t say no to a challenge, so be sure to bring your big projects to our shop for professional repairs!

Wheel Alignment

Our shop has the most advanced, state-of-the-art machinery and highlt trained staff to repair your vehicle back to factory specifications. Any issues with misalignment will be taken car of before your vehicle is returned to you. Keep you wheel and tires working properly and effeciantly.

Glass Repair

Whether the accident is big or small, often times the glass on your vehicle ban be damages. From rear view mirrors to front and back windsheilds, our team has got you covered. While taking car of your car, we will make sure yo take car of all your glass replacement needs as well.

Auto Detialing

After your repairs and paint work, our team provides detailing services to protect the paint and improve the performance of your vehicle.

Protect the Paint

Your vehicle’s paint serves a greater purpose than just looking good. Although the finish makes your vehicle sleek and shiny, it also protects everything underneath. Body components and metal that are susceptible to the elements are carefully sealed and protected by a premier paint coat. You can tell when paint no longer serves its function, as the exposure may cause rust or decay. Your paint deserves professional care, which is why we use high-grade products to boost its appearance and keep it strong!

Improve Performance

There’s no avoiding the dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants while on the road. Dirt is out there and it will inevitably find its way into the engine compartment. Regular oil changes are one way to prevent damage from contaminants. Another solution is auto detailing! Cleaning out the engine bay will not only give your vehicle that showroom-ready appearance, but it also keeps parts free and clear from sludge and grime. Your car will be able to perform its best!