The Importance of Winterizing Your Car

We Can Help Protect Your Car’s Paint Through the Winter! As every New Englander knows, winters in Connecticut can be harsh. Snow, sleet, and ice can take a toll not only on the roadways but also on your car’s paint job. In order to keep your vehicle looking sharp all winter long, it’s essential to

Preparing for Auto Painting Services

What You Need to Know Not Just a Cover Up A “cover up” usually carries with it a negative connotation of hiding things that perhaps shouldn’t be hidden. While a new coat of paint makes your vehicle look great, a quality paint job is more than just quickly spraying color over everything existing. To ensure

Fleet Auto Body Repair

Best Practices for Fleet Accidents When the Body is Your Business If you operate a commercial vehicle, people form a first impression of your business or organization before you ever speak a single word. How are prospective clients going to count on you for home improvement if your van that bears the company name looks

How To Prep a Car for Painting

What You Can Do To Ensure A Perfect New Paint Color If your vehicle has experienced small scratches, significant paint damage, or you’re simply looking for a new color to freshen up your favorite ride, discover how professionals prep your car for auto painting. If you’re ready for quality painting services near you, stop by

Auto Accident: 10 Things To Do

How To Handle An Auto Collision Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, specializes in auto body repair, which often occurs after an accident. While collisions are scary, there are at least ten things you can do following a crash to keep yourself and others safe. Assess the Situation Immediately following an accident, you will

What’s Different About A Frame Alignment

What To Know If Your Vehicle Has Been In A Collision You’re probably familiar with regular wheel alignments, but do you know what frame alignments are? These types of alignments are typically performed after a collision. They differ from wheel alignments in a variety of ways. Here’s what you should know about how a frame