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More than Just a Clean Car

Who says your vehicle can’t always look as good as new? With the help of Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, you can always drive the best version of your vehicle and keep it looking clean! In addition to our full range of collision repairs and services, we offer elite auto detailing solutions to protect your investment and keep it clean inside and out! There are so many ways for you and your vehicle to benefit from professional detailing service!

Protect the Paint

Your vehicle’s paint serves a greater purpose than just looking good. Although the finish makes your vehicle sleek and shiny, it also protects everything underneath. Body components and metal that are susceptible to the elements are carefully sealed and protected by a premier paint coat. You can tell when paint no longer serves its function, as the exposure may cause rust or decay. Your paint deserves professional care, which is why we use high-grade products to boost its appearance and keep it strong!

Improve Performance

There’s no avoiding the dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants while on the road. Dirt is out there and it will inevitably find its way into the engine compartment. Regular oil changes are one way to prevent damage from contaminants. Another solution is auto detailing! Cleaning out the engine bay will not only give your vehicle that showroom-ready appearance, but it also keeps parts free and clear from sludge and grime. Your car will be able to perform its best!

Clean the Cabin

Most of us keep a clean house. It’s healthy to live in a clean environment, free from dirt, dust, clutter, or bacteria. Just like your home, your car needs to be regularly dusted, vacuumed, and disinfected to stay clean! Detailing service is designed to get into all the nooks and crannies in your vehicle to remove visible dust or spills and invisible odor-causing bacteria. Treat your interior to the clean it deserves and enjoy the feeling of a healthy, happy home in your vehicle!

Protect Important Parts

By removing harmful dirt and grime, auto detailing can help your vehicle last longer. Special, professional-grade products are designed to protect and lubricate parts, so they can continue their role in your vehicle’s optimal performance. As an example, tire shine is about more than just looking good. It treats the rubber tires to prevent cracking and help them resist wear from exposure to the elements. That way, they stay healthy for the road ahead!

Schedule Your Detailing Service!

These are just a few reasons to visit Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut for auto detailing, but we have plenty more! Want to know more about how our professionals can improve your car’s health, appearance, and performance? Contact us at 860-666-3319 and we’ll be happy to share more information. You can schedule your next appointment by phone, online, or simply stop by! Our team is always available to serve you! Find us at 2550 Berlin Turnpike. We look forward to your visit!