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Best Practices for Fleet Accidents

When the Body is Your Business

If you operate a commercial vehicle, people form a first impression of your business or organization before you ever speak a single word. How are prospective clients going to count on you for home improvement if your van that bears the company name looks abused and unkempt? Will the residents of your town feel safe if the fire truck you use to respond to their 911 calls looks thrown away? Although accidents happen, maintaining a professional appearance is important to your livelihood. Further, keeping your fleet vehicles in good repair and establishing a crash response protocol increase safety and decrease liability. Let Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, assist you with both safety and image. We are Connecticut’s only collision repair shop certified to repair commercial vehicle frames, easily accessible from the Berlin Turnpike (Highway #5), and happy to serve clients from all over New England and beyond.

Repair Expertise

When your commercial vehicle needs body repair, you want to make sure you can trust the shop and technicians performing the work. You can’t risk substandard repairs that might be unsafe or not look as good as pre-accident condition. That’s why you should entrust the work to Turnpike Motors Auto Body. Our technicians hold multiple certifications, including being recognized for their work with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. Further, our shop certified for commercial vehicle frame alignment, a recognition held by no other business in our state. From minor scratch repair to major rehabilitation, we can restore even the largest vehicle in your fleet–box trucks, tow trucks, motorhomes, tractor trailers, buses, fire trucks, emergency vehicles, specialty vehicles, etc. Bring it to us, and we’ll bring it back to its glory.

Important Steps to Take

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, but there are steps you can take to mitigate damages for your business. First, plan ahead. If you operate a fleet, create a protocol for your drivers to follow if there is an incident. Be sure to include telephone numbers, insurance information, a checklist (to include reminders such as checking on other motorists if able, taking photographs, making a call to you/your business when appropriate, etc.), and a reminder not to discuss fault with other drivers/witnesses at the scene (although drivers should cooperate with law enforcement officers). It’s a great idea to go over this verbally with drivers as well as keep a copy of the document in each fleet vehicle. Second, once you’ve taken care of human needs such as medical care, bring your damaged vehicle to Turnpike Motors Auto Body. Our professional repairs will protect your business in several ways. Making quality repairs prevents the additional liabilities that can result from poor workmanship by ensuring that your business is operating a safe vehicle. Also, a timely fix minimizes the length of time your transportation is off the road or the amount of business you might lose. Finally, a restored professional appearance will actually enhance your opportunities for attracting and retaining clients.

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