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How To Prep a Car for Painting

What You Can Do To Ensure A Perfect New Paint Color

If your vehicle has experienced small scratches, significant paint damage, or you’re simply looking for a new color to freshen up your favorite ride, discover how professionals prep your car for auto painting. If you’re ready for quality painting services near you, stop by your local auto body shop in Newington, CT, to enjoy a brand-new paint job.

Cutting and Sanding

The two most important steps to preparing a car for painting is cutting and sanding. These steps are very similar but offer distinct differences. Cutting uses an abrasive compound and sander to remove a thin layer of paint. This can not only be a preparation step, but can also be used as a finishing step to blend your new and old paint.

Sanding is a similar step, typically using either sandpaper or an orbital sander. Automotive sanding requires extremely fine sandpaper and a careful hand. Without proper technique, you can easily damage multiple layers of paint or even the body of your car. It pays to hire an experienced professional to perform either cutting or sanding prep work.


Once your vehicle is sufficiently prepped, it’s time for a coat or more of primer. Automotive paint is highly complex and often includes multiple layers of distinct paint. These layers not only protect your automotive body from rust and corrosion, but also provide a flawless shine with professional depth.
Ask a professional technician to match the color and type of primer with your original, or choose a new one to complement your new paint color. Without the proper primer, your finish layer of paint may look discolored or may not properly adhere to your vehicle.

Professional Automotive Painting in Newington

Turnpike Motors Auto Body shop in Newington has over 50 years of professional experience working with your community. Our qualified team of technicians can handle all the auto painting tasks, from prep work to the final product. Schedule a service today to enjoy a stylish new paint job or a perfect match to your original paint to restore the classic look of your vehicle. When it comes to quality care and professional results, our repair shop offers the services you need.

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