The 5 Culprits Behind Car Paint Damage

We’ll Help Combat Paint Damage and Protect Your Car!

Every New England driver wants to keep their vehicle looking fresh and flawless. But chips, scratches, and swirl marks can detract from your car’s beauty, and also its resale value.

The first step in protecting your car’s paint is knowing what can cause damage to it. The automotive painting specialists at Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, are here to help.

Here are five surprising enemies of your car’s paint.

1. Soda and Coffee

While you might enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, your car sure doesn’t! Beverages that are high in caffeine, such as coffee and soda, can harm your vehicle’s paint. The high acidity levels will eat away at the paint and begin to corrode your car. If you accidentally spill coffee on your car, clean it up right away.

2. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential in your car’s braking system. However, it can spell trouble for its paint. When handling brake fluid around your car, ensure that it is not silicone-based. This older type of brake fluid can harm the paint and cause it to peel and crack.

3. Bird Bombs

If your car is parked outside, bird droppings are inevitable. However, bird bombs can ruin your vehicle’s paint job. Not only will they leave an ugly permanent mark, but these acidic droppings can corrode your paint. Wash your car regularly and park it in the garage. When possible, avoid parking your car under trees.

4. Salt

During harsh New England winters, salt is a fixture on all roadways. However, it can damage your car’s paint. Give your car a thorough waxing job before hitting the highway.

5. Silly String

We’ve saved the most surprising enemy of your car’s paint for last! While silly string is a fun and harmless toy for children, it can ruin the paint on your car. If your car gets covered in silly string, give it a wash right away.

In order to keep your car looking amazing, take it to Turnpike Motors Auto Body in Newington, Connecticut, for auto painting services. Call us now at 860-666-3319 to book your appointment. See you soon!

Written by Turnpike Motors Auto Body

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