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The Collision Repair Check-in Process

The Collision Repair Check-in Process

Prior to dropping your car off at the repair facility
Call your insurance company to see if you need an assignment sent to the repair shop. This makes the repair facility aware you are actively pursuing a repair for your vehicle.

Check your rental allowance on your insurance policy. Often, a repair facility has car rental relationships so rental cars can be reserved and brought to the repair facility for your convenience.

Check the repair shop hours. The beginning and end of each day are usually when most customers are dropping off or picking up vehicles so the front desk can be busy! Sign necessary paperwork for the Insurance company or repair facility. This paperwork includes directions to pay information and shop/insurance authorizations. Review vehicle damage with the Customer Service Representative at the shop. Be sure you are pointing out all damage you would like fixed during the repair process. At times, customers
will ask for damage to be repaired that isn’t accident related. We call this portion of the repair “customer pay”. Customers will pay out of pocket for this portion of the repair. Having other damage repaired at the same time can save the customer time and effort! Go over the repair timeline with the repair facility. Understand the estimated time for repair, the parts that will be used on the vehicle, and how the repair facility will keep you updated on the status of your repair.

Confirm contact information with the repair facility. Be sure they have your correct email, cell number for a text, and home address to set up communication channels so the repair goes
smoothly. Often repair shops will send text updates or pictures of your vehicle so you can see the progress!

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