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What’s Different About A Frame Alignment

What To Know If Your Vehicle Has Been In A Collision

You’re probably familiar with regular wheel alignments, but do you know what frame alignments are? These types of alignments are typically performed after a collision. They differ from wheel alignments in a variety of ways. Here’s what you should know about how a frame alignment is different from a wheel alignment.

Standard Wheel Alignment Versus Frame Alignment

During a standard wheel alignment in Newington, a mechanic checks the angles of the wheel mounts. Wheel alignments are typically done because the vehicle owner experiences issues that indicate misalignment. Common signs of misaligned wheels include wheel vibration, crooked steering wheel (even when the driver is traveling on a straight road), pulling or veering to one side or the other, and uneven wear to the tire tread. A standard wheel alignment includes the following:

  • Caster calibration
  • Toe calibration
  • Camber calibration

These are all terms to describe angles that measure the way the car steers and how the wheel is mounted. Wheel alignments are important and should be done regularly. If a wheel alignment is needed but not performed, the car will not handle well, and additional problems may develop. Wheel alignments are not the same as frame alignments.
Here is what you can expect during a frame alignment following a collision:

  • Checks to the thrust angle, included angle and steering axis inclination
  • Checks and adjustments to the front and rear camber, casters and toes

These additional angles need to be checked during a collision alignment to make sure the chassis parts, frame, and unibody are all aligned correctly. Without this service, the vehicle may not perform as expected after a collision. Performance issues could be minimal and annoying, or severe and dangerous (such as failing to stop properly). It is not enough to just receive a wheel alignment after a collision. A full-frame alignment service helps ensure that the vehicle is properly repaired following a collision and that it will stop, steer, and perform correctly when the customer picks it up.

Schedule Your Frame Alignment

If you’ve recently been involved in a collision, don’t make the mistake of neglecting a full-frame alignment. At Turnpike Motors Autobody in Newington, we offer reliable frame alignment that will help your vehicle perform like new. Schedule your appointment or learn more by using our online contact form.

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